The person I'm sitting next to uses Edge and Bing. He also plays Fortnite. Is this what hell is like?

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This has gif avatars better than twitter already

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Hi yes hello toot toot how y'all doin

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If @deukhoofd is even a fraction of how hot his Icon is we have no chance against his power

Happy bday to my lovely writer and favourite VC buddy @yesh!

Changed my avatar because I love my boy Zeus so much! Made my our great artist Akristhekat!

Here's the new September update for Epsilon! Leader Reveals, Two Divine Beasts and a brand new Mega Evolution!

Spent some time on the Epsilon website today. Most pages should load a lot faster now, especially on mobile.
Images will by default load in a downsized format (depending on your screen size), to get the full size image you can click on the image instead.

Sometimes I wonder whether my shower is actually magical. I think I came up with like half of Epsilons codebase under there

When you and the bae are going for some Poland and Chill 😍 😍 😍

Excerpt from a proposed amendment to EU copyright directive

Hey there, welcome to my Mastodon instance!

Epsilon Mastodon

A Mastadon instance built for Pokemon Epsilon, but free to use for other people in the Pokemon community!