Currently working on writing a new Artificial Intelligence for Epsilons battling. Progress is going great, although in the process of doing lots and lots of battles I'm finding and fixing new bugs and errors constantly.

The person I'm sitting next to uses Edge and Bing. He also plays Fortnite. Is this what hell is like?

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This has gif avatars better than twitter already

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Hi yes hello toot toot how y'all doin

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If @deukhoofd is even a fraction of how hot his Icon is we have no chance against his power

@SleepLate depends, you can set who to actually toot to, so you can make toots only some people can see

Happy bday to my lovely writer and favourite VC buddy @yesh!

Changed my avatar because I love my boy Zeus so much! Made my our great artist Akristhekat!

@SleepLate boy and you haven't even seen the custom emoji yet

Here's the new September update for Epsilon! Leader Reveals, Two Divine Beasts and a brand new Mega Evolution!

Spent some time on the Epsilon website today. Most pages should load a lot faster now, especially on mobile.
Images will by default load in a downsized format (depending on your screen size), to get the full size image you can click on the image instead.

Sometimes I wonder whether my shower is actually magical. I think I came up with like half of Epsilons codebase under there

When you and the bae are going for some Poland and Chill 😍 😍 😍

@levi506 no I'm not, I'm one of those open source self hosted junkies

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